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5 things to make sure you have in your electrical plan to make life super fun and functional….. (because you can’t spell function without FUN!)

1) 3 Way Switches
So you can turn lights on and off from different rooms. When you sleep in a loft its a pain in the butt to climb up to bed only to have to climb back down and shut the light off! 3 way switches can fix that!

So you can control both humidity and temperature. Who wants to be getting up in the middle of the night to turn a fan on or open a window or grabbing another blanket?! Thermostats are the way to go.

3) Fan
A fan with light kit AND a remote. Remember, hot air rises….
Tiny home tip: Get a fan with a remote so you can change it from anywhere like laying in bed. If you have a remote then you won’t need 2 switches for the fan, saving some $$$$!

To conveniently charge your electronics. Put it close to where you use the phone the most, usually in the bedroom. Even though they say you’re not supposed to but lets me honest, how many people really have an actual alarm clock now?

Make sure they are in the most functional location. If you want to have Christmas lights or a deck, make sure the outlets end up in the most convenient spot!

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    Teacup Tiny Homes, thanks so much for the post.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

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