24' "Not So Lonely Wanderer" Tiny House by Teacup Tiny Homes

Dream Big Live Tiny Co.

This 202-sqft tiny home features a very-aesthetically pleasing exterior, with a nice cohesive collection of three different kinds of siding that provide a nice backdrop for the outdoor living area.

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Posted Dec 27, 2017

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Going Small Reaps Big Rewards

Quirk Magazine

Jennifer McCarthy is taking Lethbridge by storm. As the owner and operator of Teacup Tiny Homes, McCarthy has set tongues blazing with a simple concept: big things come in small packages.

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"Tiny Home" trend takes off in Lethbridge

Lethbridge News Now

Lethbridge's Teacup Tiny Homes opened for business in the Fall of 2016, and with its first fully functional residence completed just a few weeks ago, owner Jennifer McCarthy already has orders for at least two more.

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