Getting Paid to Vacation - How a Teacup Tiny Cottage Could Be the Investment Property You’ve Always Dreamed Of


The perfect location for a Teacup Tiny Cottage

closer view of the Kitchen & living room in a Tiny House

A custom Teacup Tiny Cottage, perfect for a summer vacation.

entrance and dining area of a Tiny House

A custom Teacup Tiny Cottage eating area


Building plans for a Teacup tiny cottage

front exterior of the phoenix tiny house

The Phoenix Teacup Tiny Home in the winter.

interior view of the phoenix

The Phoenix Teacup tiny cottage view of the living room and fireplace

kitchen and living room in the tiny house

U-shaped kitchen in The Phoenix, Teacup Tiny Cottage


The Margo Tiny Cottage exterior at dusk.


The Margo tiny home floorplans by Teacup Tiny Homes


Bathroom choices for Teacup Tiny Homes and The Margo Plan

bath and bathroom countertop in a tiny home

The luxury bathroom option in the Margo plan. Teacup Tiny Homes

Posted Mar 7

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