We grant people the opportunity to obtain financial freedom. We help by simplifying life, removing clutter, and lowering the cost of living. With savvy designs and alternative thinking, we create tiny luxuries that are innovative, affordable and a place to call home.


Build Tiny Homes

We build CSA certified tiny homes. From building on spec to custom designs, we take it from a start to finish. Our tiny homes are insurable and can obtain financing because of our certification and thorough quality control program.

Tiny Home Shells

In order to be CSA certified we cannot build you a tiny home shell. A certified tiny home means that all systems including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and structural are completed, inspected, and certified. We can however, give you opportunities to complete some of the work on your own as far as built-ins, finishings, and aesthetic materials if desired.

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Tiny Home

Building your own home and need some advice? Need an ear to run ideas past or insight as to how to work something in?

We can help!

Interior Design Consulting

Big or tiny, we do space planning, conceptual drawings, colour selections, and can help guide you through a build of any size (your location doesn’t matter).


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